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Race, family and culture find its way to center to the stage with MONICA MUSTELIER'S PREMIERE OF





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Race, family and culture find its way to center to the stage with Monica Mustelier’s premier of ‘Growing Up Moni’


‘Growing Up Moni’ is touching, sometimes uncomfortable and an undoubtedly funny show, it's a Canadian story that needs to be shared.


Funny Gal Productions and 54th Entertainment proudly present ‘Growing Up Moni’, a new work by award winning actress and writer Monica Mustelier and directed by Emilio Merritt, winner of the Best Director Award at the International Theatre Festival in Mexico City. ‘Growing Up Moni’ is premiering at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival September 6-14, 2013.


‘Growing up Moni is a comedic and dynamic one-woman show. It is a multimedia collection of stories and vignettes that examine the issues of polite Canadian racism, traditional family values and finding your place in the world.


We follow our main character “Moni” through several chapters in her life. Her parents where raised in two very different countries and immigrated to Canada in the early 1970’s. Momi from a small fishing village in Northern Spain with Celtic roots and Papi is Afro-Cuban from the second largest city in Cuba. Both taking turns raising a mixed race child in Canada with English as a second language, you can see how often things could get lost in translation.


Monica’s captivating performance and storytelling, the heart of ‘Growing Up Moni’, comes from deep cultural roots. Director of the show, Emilio Merritt feels, “…as a Latin director, I think Monica’s one-woman show is very important to the Latin community. It shares all of our story."


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