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Cast and Crew

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Last fall Monica headlined, wrote and produced the multimedia stand up comedy show "They Keep Killing Me Off",  which did a run in Vancouver, BC.


Monica is inspired to make people laugh at the obsurdity of every day life experiences, so, she decided to create a one woman show about race, culture and family. "Growing Up Moni" evolved.


She is a talented and funny writer. Go see the show. 


54th Entertainment


Marc-Anthony  has been in the film industry for over 11 years as an actor, acting teacher, dancer, and most recently, executive producer, writer, and director. He is originally from Montreal, Quebec. 

His career started in Montreal as a dancer, however, a random yet life changing conversation with actress Halle Berry on the set of Gothika opened his eyes to a new and different side of the entertainment industry. He then spent a year training in and around Eastern Canada, and eventually turned his sights on Vancouver, which is his current base of operations.

After graduating from The Young Screen Actors Academy formerly known as Schoolcreative's Full-Time Program, he says "I wasted no time in making sure Vancouver's film industry paid attention."


Some of his film and TV credits include: Smallville, Whistler, 88 Minutes, Flavor Flav's Under One Roof and A-Team. He played the leads in both Memoirs of the Blue  and Redemption of Paradise (both shot in Antigua).

He has written produced and directed several short films, a web series, and a full length feature. His next endeavour is producing the multi-media one-woman show 'Growing Up Moni' starring the lovely and talented Monica Mustelier.


Harj is a gifted writer and a natural producer. She's into all things creative in this world  - Vocal things, visuals things, touch all inspire her. She loves to be engaged with her community and is has worked with various local and international non-profits throughout Vancouver.


Harj is bringing her communication and producing skills into the theatre world.


Born in Mexico City, Emilio is an award winning actor, director, playwright, screenwriter and producer of film and stage. He has established himself as a creator of films, TV and award winning plays.


While living in Mexico, he worked as a casting director and assistant for a number of popular productions including, the US/Mexico production of Chávez: Fighting On The Fields starring Rosario Dawson and Michael Peña.


Mario and Fix You, plays in which he wrote, directed and produced, both received nominations for Best Play at the International Theatre Festival in Mexico City. The lead actresses in the productions of Mario and Fix You each received a Best Actress award for their performances and Emilio took home the Best Director award for Mario in the same festival.


His first short film, A Simple Day, which he wrote, directed, produced and edited premiered at The New Filmmakers Short Film Festival in New York and was later shown at The Clermond Ferrad Short Film Festival in France.


Emilio graduated with a degree in Acting from Centro Universitario de Teatro UNAM and recently moved back to his second home in Vancouver, BC.





Born in Vancouver, raised in Aachen, Germany, Sharleen has developed an interest in the visual arts field early on as a hobby - starting out with webdesign which developed into an interest in the photography and filmmaking field.


Since she has moved back to Vancouver in 2010 she has been working towards her career goal as a cinematographer and director by attending community college classes, attending the Telus Summervisions program in 2011 and in the past year she has been attending an advanced First year university level film program which is offered by the school district of Burnaby.


She has been interning for Ahorn TV, a German TV Show based in Vancouver, and has also been an assistant Photographer for Fashion/make up photographer Patryk Widejko. Sharleen has been a production assistant for UBC student films and has recently directed a short film, which has gotten successful feedback and is still to be submitted to film festivals. She has also recieved Visual Performing Arts Awards. 


Sharleen would like to pursue a successful career in the film industry as a cinematographer and director and is planning to attend the motion picture arts program of Capilano University once she has graduated school.





Karin grew up watching her mother performing from the wings, theatre runs through the veins of her family.  She trained in theatre for three years in her hometown of London. She hit the road and toured with The Rocky Horror Picture Show across Europe. And then finally found herself in beautiful BC. 

She loves to be involved in theatre in any capacity, and was happy to join forces with Monica on previous theatre and film productions such as the Project Series and the award winning short film God's Squard. Karin has played  both an actor, writer, producer and stage manager  in their joint creations.


"Working with Monica is always a good time.  So it was a no-brainer to jump aboard Monica's comedy ship on this occasion - not only because she is now a valued friend, but because this show is a special one."


Karin is very proud to be crew on deck.  With a sailors hat on - just because it's jaunty.  




With a background in sales and marketing, and a insatiable passion for the arts, Deborah is thrilled to be the PR contact for 'Growing up Moni'.  


From shouting off rooftops to releasing carrier pigeons, she will be looking for unique and fun ways to make sure that Vancouver knows exactly how Moni became 'all growed up'.

More behind the scenes CREW

DOP: Marco Perri

Wardrobe: Kate Blecker

Mr. Macfie's Hair and Make-Up: Jennifer Esmeria

Set Design: Grant Windsor

Set Dec and Props: Karin Inghammar

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